Titron Rubber Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
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Quality Process

Quality policy

Quality is the ultimate factor for success in every level of business and life. Titron chooses to maintain its respectable quality standard in the market place to fulfill our responsibilities and objectives.

Without questions, Titron and its employees are obligated to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in ensuring total product satisfaction. In pursuing high quality standard of products, our human resources are well trained, up-to-date measuring tools are used and well maintained, and our Quality Management System are complete and effective in delivering superior quality products. The Society must benefit from our quality as a whole.


In view of the safety of the road users, Titron places great emphasis on high quality products which are consistent and reliable. To ensure quality consistency of its products, Titron conducts checks at every stage of the production, from the acceptance of raw materials, including the testing of WIP to the testing of the quality of finished goods, as well as the process flows.

The Quality Assurance Department (QAD), working in tandem with other departments such as the Production and Supply Chain departments, is responsible for ensuring the quality of the Titron’s products from selection of raw material to before the finished goods are delivered to customers. Quality testing equipment is used at every stage of the production line to ensure high quality material and process are being applied at all times.

QAD is to maintain and improve the process flow of production. The QAD also sets parameters for the Production department to follow and conducts checks to ensure that the work instructions have been followed and that the machineries are working in accordance with their specification.